The TK Foundation’s mission is to fulfill the legacy of J. Torben Karlshoej by enabling disadvantaged youth to succeed and promoting maritime education and safety.

We fulfill this legacy by investing in programs that:

  1. Enable disadvantaged youth to maximize their capabilities through pathways such as education, training, and life skills with a view to becoming self-sufficient.
  2. Promote knowledge of the seas and oceans, and strengthen maritime safety and security for the betterment of all.

Photo courtesy of ISWAN


A hand up, not a hand out

We support programs that enable and empower individuals to create their own success

Lasting impact

We target long-term impact that endures beyond our grant


We commit to working with others in open, direct, and holistic ways


We demonstrate a spirit of entrepreneurialism by advocating for and/or supporting new ideas and approaches


We connect and collaborate with grantees, other funders, and stakeholders